Scrolling Gate - Technical Specifications

  1. Galvanized steel steps width 111 mm, Combined with each other. Thickness steps 0.8 or 1 mm - on demand.

  2.  Lower phase galvanized steel, width 140 mm and thickness 2 mm. Possibility of  locking mechanism.

  3. Galvanized steel rails 60 mm wide and 2.5 mm thick. Wide gates will  be comprised of a track width of 80-100 mm.

  4. Flags made of galvanized steel used to hanging base axis.

  5. Single phase electric motor "TITAN"  made in Italy, consisting in the center of the axis. Gate operation is performed by a key switch. When the engine is turned off it is used as a brake, and it is not possible lift the gate.



  1. Dyeing in the oven according to RAL board.

  2. Control system.

  3. Perforated steps.

Warranty on the gate inculding the engine: One year after installation is complete

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